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RML Site Rules

The content posted on rml is not pre-moderated and we aim not to interfere. However, we do expect certain levels of behaviour and will take action to encourage or reinforce this if needed. Users are expected to abide by the following general forum rules:

1. No personal attacks. Everyone is entitled to enjoy rml whilst being themselves.

2. Legal content only. No racism, sexism or hateful content of any sort.

3. No overly offensive language.

4. No posting of illicit photos.

5. Authentic, relevant content only. The idea is to provide each other with an accurate reflection on what locations are really like.

6. Privacy. No posting of personal info / photos of others.

7. Do not impersonate another person / entity.

8. Be polite and courteous. Whilst we encourage healthy debate, this should take place with good manners.

9. No spamming / promoting of personal interests, etc.

10. No Trolling or vigilante behaviour.

Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour

If you come across inappropriate behaviour on the rml site then please let us know by clicking on the “Report” button and choosing a reason for the report. Please then make it clear what content the report relates to.

We will then review the report and determine whether it violates the site rules.  We will then decide upon what action needs to be taken and get back to you as soon as we can.

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Removal of Content

RML is not a pre-moderated site but sometimes we may have to take action to remove content that has been posted, where we feel that it breaches our site rules or is inappropriate in some other way.

If we decide that we must remove content then the posting user will be notified of the action that has been taken.

Removal of Content

Removal of Content

Where a user behaves in a way that breaks our rules or is inappropriate or unacceptable in some other way then we will take action by removing the offending content and explaining to the user why. Generally we hope this will be the end of the matter.

In cases where the rule breaches are particularly serious or repeated then we will issue warnings and block the user account, if necessary.

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