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An affluent area of zone 3 South-West London popular with families for access to good schools and also the green spaces of Wimbledon Common and Wimbledon Park. Whilst some grumble about the District Line, Wimbledon is well connected with two tube stops and also South West train services to Waterloo.


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  • Healthcare

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  • Schools

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Station Dundonald Road

London Trams

Station Wimbledon

London Underground: District line National Railway, London Trams

Station Haydons Road

National Rail

Station Wimbledon Chase

National Rail
Discussion Topics
Does Wimbledon offer the best village-style living in London?


London has many beautiful and great places to live in. However, I think Wimbledon is sometimes overl...

London has many beautiful and great places to live in. However, I think Wimbledon is sometimes overlooked when having 'best place to live in London' discussions. The first thing that stands out about Wimbledon is it's village-style living. It offers a unique feel of almost living in the countryside yet being part of a world class city. In a post-pandemic world, many have wanted bigger space and to be closer to nature/wildlife, especially those with children. Wimbledon has all of that and more. A child-friendly atmosphere, living in Wimbledon you get the feeling of being part of a community where residents all know each other which is rare in London in 2022 where usually you have more chance of predicting the lottery than knowing the first names of your nearest 3 neighbours! Living in Wimbledon is good for the soul. You have easy access to various open spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for an afternoon stroll or the ideal place for a picnic with family and friends. You may think what makes village life in Wimbledon so appealing? Firstly, you cannot say the same about many London boroughs. Traditionally, as great as village life can be there are certain cases where it isn’t feasible; for example, when it comes to commuting, village’s often lack quick or easy travel connections. This is what makes village-style living in Wimbledon so appealing; having all of the aspects of ordinary village life right in the capital, ideal for those wanting easy access across London. In short, living in Wimbledon gives residents the opportunity to be able to escape/avoid London's hustle and bustle without worrying about the long commute. Therefore, you can even maintain your job as well as social life and transport links into the City without compromise! It’s not often that horse riding around Wimbledon Common, moments from your doorstep, can be found in London. It gives residents the best of both worlds with Wimbledon offering some of the best schools around, such as King’s College School, which was dubbed ‘100% excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Living in a community that has village-like qualities as well as excellent local schools can also contribute to people relocating. I highly recommend living in Wimbledon, one of the most underrated places in London. What are your thoughts about Wimbledon?

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The home of British tennis is sporty year round. With great schools and the vast common, well-heeled families love it.

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