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Pretty and then... pretty terrible

Enfield is a bit of a strange place. I went there the other day to meet a friend who was doing some work there to have a few beers. It's not on the tube so I caught a bus over from the Southgate area. Having been in Southgate and waited for a bus there, anywhere would seem nice following that. So relativity was on my side. I got off the bus in what I believe must be the Enfield Chase area near the Old Wheatsheaf pub, which looked nice. I wandered down into Chase Gardens and it's quite a lovely little spot. Cross the road and there's another little green area and a small footbridge over a river. Really very picturesque and pleasant. On the other side of the bridge there are some very pretty cottage houses lining the river and it's almost like you're in Bruges or somewhere for a few moments. I started to ask myself, why has no-one ever spoken to me of Enfield before? This place is beautiful! Continue on down Church Road and around the corner, however, and the feeling that Enfield is beautiful vanishes even more quickly than it arrives. Once you step into the thick of the high street area you realise this is why no-one has ever commended the place. My friend finished work and I met him down the end on the Savoy Parade bit. We tried to find a pub somewhere that looked half decent but it was a pretty desperate and depressing search. In the end I suggested we head back up to the old wheatsheaf where we enjoyed a couple of decent pints and some good food.

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