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West Ealing to Ealing Common


Love the vibrancy of West Ealing - the Persian mile is great and Eram Shishlik is a cut above the other Irania restaurants. Caspian does awesome Iranian sandwiches. Laguna is an excellent Indian restaurant though some people swear by Haweli. Head across into the badlands of West Ealing proper for the Iranian Sangaki (bread shop) on Leeland Road with the best time to go on a Saturday morning when the Farmers Market is on and then head to 24/7 Cudi for their awesome olives. Artisan Coffee is about the only decent thing Ealing Broadway has to offer although the Summer Festivals in Walpole Park are awesome and Linda at For Arts Sake is a proper legend. Dickens Yard i can take or leave (sorry Gladiator) although have had good experiences of The Roding Wine Co. Ealing Common has been saved from being completely average thanks to the Japanese influence and Také Sushi is excellent. The butchers across the on Starion Parade are also excellent. Heard Viona Patisserie a few doors down is also good and is also Persian Inspired just to complete the book-ending of the Persian influence from West Ealing to Ealing Common.

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