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Better than Bexleyheath


If you live down this way then you probably want to live in Bexley. Barnehurst is quite nice too. Sidcup is ok. I live in Bexleyheath which sort of does the job but I'd rather live in Bexley. People down here like to call it Bexley Village. It's hardly the cotswolds lol but it is quite pretty. Prettier than Bexleyheath anyway. Low bar you might say. But yeah, wander down from the green, or the Golden Acre, as they call it, onto Bexley High street and it is nice. Pretty old houses on your left and nice little places on your right like Ferrari's Italian, Greys, the Village Cafe and Alberello. There's also a decent selection of pubs about. Train services into London also not bad, around 40 mins into a selection of terminals so pretty handy for work. Not too much between you and Kent countryside, if you see that as a good thing. I'd just be careful not to accidentally stray down towards foots cray

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