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"A growing and vibrant new neighbourhood"


A huge new town being built by the river, on an old industrial site the size of Hyde Park. Apparently it'll provide 10,000 new homes, many of which have already been built. Clearly London needs more homes, especially affordable homes, so it is an exciting development. Is a 25% share of a one bed flat that costs you £60k affordable? Surely if people can only buy a 25% share of a one bed flat then these flats are not affordable! Anyway, I suppose this may still make them the most affordable new build flats in London. That in itself I find pretty depressing. But perhaps you have to make the best of a bad situation. Barking Riverside is of course, right on the river, which I think gives it the potential to be a pretty appealing location. Think Richmond-on-Thames haha. I suppose you wouldn't get a new one bed flat in Richmond for £240k. A mil?? And the new London Overground station opened in the summer, gets you into central in 20 mins or so. Not bad at all. Better than Richmond? In fact Richmond is quite a pain in the bum to get to, at least Richmond Park is haha. It has to be said though, when you walk around you can't help but wonder how long you'll be living in a building site. A fair while would be my guess. It's also very quiet with very little around in terms of shops and cafes, etc. Sort of reminds you of the old days when the DLR was new. You'd step off the train at Galleons Reach and there'd be nothing but mesh fences and earth around you, as though you'd just re-emerged after a nucleur holocaust or something. So I guess this may always take time. but i'm not sure I'd have the patience personally

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